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Humans eat and breath to live, and by extension, to sustain the very precious asset which is health. Like humans, trees, plants, houseplants also eat and breath. Unlike certain humans who live to work or work to live, this is basically what these greenish big, medium a...

Grief is often a challenging situation experienced by most (if not all) human beings as a consequence of various circumstances: losing a beloved pet… even losing a job or special object to which one was particularly emotionally attached.

According to an article publishe...

Although everybody constantly seeks more money, and more time to enjoy it, health (without which none of the former practically matters) is arguably the most coveted currency in this world. Most people arguably do the best they can to seek, recover and/or improve it. T...

While most people spend two-third of their life sleeping, many also spend the same amount of time (or even more) working (a job) during their lifetime. Even more so, the evolution of the modern workplace environment and the evolving nature of work itself due to the imp...

News are definitely not a new trend; they are actually over decades old: one can easily picture the image dated from decades ago of individuals glued all-ears to an old-fashioned radio. In pretty much all countries around the globe, live information and updates are wid...