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More than 10 Years of Experience...

 People Care Institute

Dr. Pierre-Louis is a compassionate and experienced physician who has been practicing medicine in the state of New Jersey for the last 10 years. He specialized in infectious diseases and is experienced in treating patients with a variety of infections such as Sepsis, MRSA infections, diabetic wound infections, fungal infections,  Lyme disease, hepatitis B and C, HIV, STDs and also unusual infections in special hosts such as cancer patients, transplants patients or returning travelers.


Dr. Pierre-Louis is board certified in Infectious Diseases and Internal medicine with an unrepentant interest in the integrative approach of medicine including topics such as nutrition, the role of vitamins and the impact of environment and technology on health; he also has an ever-growing fascination for the vastly unknown area of the microbiota “the good trillions of bacteria that inhabit us and contribute most to our health". He practices medicine with his mind and also with heart, always offering guidance and sometimes antibiotics, always with parsimony and only when they are absolutely warranted. 

Dr. Pierre-Louis has received several honors and awards here in New Jersey and also abroad. However, he does not take his greatest pride from these awards but instead from the daily appreciation of the unique individuals, patients and families and doctors, and nurses alike who have entrusted him with the health of a human being, the most precious asset anyone could ever have.  

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