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  • In line with our vision of a healthier community, our mission is to provide quality state-of-the-art health services to all our patients and those who visit our website. By quality state-of-the-art health services, we mean first humanistic care focused on people delivered patiently with expertise and respect; we understand that we do not only treat infections and diseases but we treat PEOPLE and we CARE.


  • We follow the most up to date guidelines to provide the best reasonable care to all but we acknowledge the multifaceted dimensions of every person beyond the body and mind and therefore we strive to provide a very personalized care experience to transcend the inherent limits of guidelines that rely more on the commonalities instead of the not so trivial differences among individuals. We make every effort to promote healthy lifestyle choices and we use all complementary practical and technological tools to help patients take control of their own health… Of course when appropriate and under applicable law, we always take full advantage of the advance of modern technology to offer the best possible care which ultimately strives to make everyone healthier.


  • We offer telemedicine services to reach out to more PEOPLE because we CARE and value your time which can be scarce due to life’s necessities but we believe that in many situations a face to face visit without the interposition of an inanimate screen is the better way to get the best of a physician-patient encounter. We pledge our commitment to helping you become healthier in alignment with our vision and our mission by following these CORE VALUES: quality, education, respect, and purpose.



  • PEOPLE CARE envisions a healthy and engaged community that promotes health through compassionate and quality medical care, dedication, and education. Our hope is to contribute to a healthier life for our patients, their loved ones, and ultimately EVERYONE. We want to make a positive difference for those who are and thus create a legacy for those to come…


  • PEOPLE CARE strives to put its expertise in treating infectious diseases and various health conditions at the service of its patients with the elusive goal to reach the best possible QUALITY in the performance of his duty.

  • PEOPLE CARE believes educated patients can be better patients and healthier. Sometimes you have no direct control over your health status   but many times health or disease do not just happen to you; unfortunately  what you don’t know can hurt you  and at  PEOPLE CARE to the extent possible we take the time to  provide EDUCATION and allow people  take control of their health  to the extent possible

  • PEOPLE CARE believes that all lives matter and that each patient is unique and deserves our time and RESPECT. We acknowledge that all human beings are precious resources to this world, and therefore should be treated respectfully and with dignity and we naturally expect the same from all our patients as well. We put the human at the heart of our activities and through the provision of its services, PEOPLE CARE makes it a responsibility of his to reflect this intention by all means...

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