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Travel can be and should be fun but unfortunately, individuals can be vulnerable and can be exposed during their trip to new microorganisms to whom their immune system are not accustomed to and this can be even more concerning in certain areas of the world where water can be contaminated and where mosquitoes which carry many viruses or parasites are not adequately controlled and bite people who do not use appropriate protective clothing.   

Fever is often the first sign of an infection in a returning traveler, sometimes accompanied with rash , diarrhea, headache, joint pain or cough, etc... fever can indicate a serious illness in a  returning traveler and therefore a rapid evaluation by a healthcare provider is always indicated. Fever can signal a rapidly progressive  and life-threatening infection such as malaria, or hepatitis, or chikungunya or zika and it is essential  in this situation that  a clinician initiates early evaluation, that will take into account the geography of the trip to recommend the appropriate when indicated

It is especially important for people who have visited areas with malaria in recent months and therefore the initial focus in evaluating a febrile returning traveler should be to exclude infections that are rapidly progressive, treatable, or transmissible. In some instances, public health officials must be alerted if the traveler may have been contagious while traveling or infected with a pathogen of public health importance (such as yellow fever) at the origin or destination.

Can infection occur in Travelers?

Can we Prevent infection in Travelers ?

At People Care Institute we always favor prevention and therefore can offer pre travel counseling  and vaccination when appropriate . If appropriate counseling had not been performed prior to the travel, we still can evaluate a sick returning traveler to establish a diagnosis.

We will  offer pre-travel vaccination to individuals when appropriate including Hepatitis A , Meningitis,  yellow Fever when appropriate after  a meticulous review of your medical history. If we don't have  a  particular vaccine in stock, we will assist you in finding a facility that offers the vaccine.

We always recommend  frequent hand washing, avoidance of high-risk sexual behaviour, adequate protective clothing, and special attention to what you eat and drink with strict avoidance of undercooked food; as they often say " wash it, boil it, peel it, cook it or forget it " 

Consult a doctor for medical advice or visit us at PEOPLE CARE INSTITUTE for more information


Note: The information you see here is general and describes what usually happens with a medical condition, but doesn't apply to everyone. This information IS NOT  a substitute for professional medical advice, so please make sure to contact a healthcare provider if you have a medical problem. 

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