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Your Nutrition and your Health

Updated: May 15, 2020

With the right food, medication is of no use... With the wrong food the doctor is of no help. This is the general idea stipulated by the ayurvedic medicine. This statement perfectly aligns with the opinions and beliefs of many people from the scientific community among others.

Frederic Saldmann, a French cardiologist, nutritionist and speaker addressed relentlessly the virtues of food and even insisted that it is the most powerful and effective medication: “You are a power of nature without knowing it”. And this is a reinforcement of a concept outlined in many books such as ‘’The best medicine, it’s you!’’, ‘’ Take your health in hand’’, ‘’Your health without risk’’, among others. Besides, all these books promote the nutrition aspect of adopting specific diets to achieve and maintain good health while staving off various chronic diseases and even cancer.

Speaking of diet, many studies revealed that people who repeatedly go for extreme deprivation to lose weight only get results for a short-term basis, and then get the weight back due to the ‘’yoyo effect’’. In fact, good nutrition is more about quality, diversity than extreme deprivation of certain foods, in which case the body is often depleted from essential nutrients. Moreover, “ consistently eating right (and working out) are the pillars of looking and feeling better.” And the

key word here is ‘’consistently’’: consistency is the solution for achieving this goal; it is the difference between eating healthy all day every day, versus doing so once in a while.

That being said, nutrition somehow is to health what gasoline is to a car. This is fundamentally the human fuel. And with this, comes the concept of quality. By analogy, the quality of our food intake on a daily basis is more likely to guarantee long term health than the other way around, the same way as proper, clean and high-grade gasoline is more likely to ensure the longevity and efficiency of a car motor.

Finally, since we cannot live without food, isn’t good nutrition necessary for a good health?

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