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Plants and Health

Updated: May 10, 2020

Humans eat and breath to live, and by extension, to sustain the very precious asset which is health. Like humans, trees, plants, houseplants also eat and breath. Unlike certain humans who live to work or work to live, this is basically what these greenish big, medium and little things do for a living. As a matter of fact, rain and, as a result, percolation of organic elements from the soil nourishes the roots of the trees; supplying a plant with water and fertilizers nourishes it. Oxygen in the air as well as carbon dioxide are fundamental gases emitted/absorbed into the environment which are part of the breathing process of humans and plants alike.

Plants in themselves have a huge impact on human’s health. No wonder many people, in love with nature, and persistent on constantly maintaining this sacred connection with nature, tend to acquire houseplants and place them inside their house. In fact, plants have the ability to purify air by absorbing toxins which are unhealthy for people and releasing oxygen which is the essential component of a healthy human breathing.

As a matter of fact, houseplants can improve human’s health by purifying the air while simultaneously eating, basically. According to a book[1] (resulting from NASA researches made by the American scientist Bill Wolverton) entitled How to grow fresh air 50 houseplants that purify your home or office ‘’plants emit water vapor that creates a pumping action to pull contaminated air down around a plant’s roots, where it is then converted into food for the plant.’’ Wolverton also published documents explaining how houseplants help clean out waste water for the benefits of human health. Besides all these beneficial effects for the environment, houseplants also have many other health benefits ranging from reducing anxiety, stress level, improving concentration, and boosting the mood.

In conclusion, trees, plants, houseplants or indoor plants are not just decorative elements which stand in the forest or in your living room just for the usual greenery spectacle they offer. The environment and your health are the witnesses of their beneficial deeds, so plant them, take care of them, and keep breathing!


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