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  • Dr Frantz Pierre-Louis & Lloyd Pierre-Louis

Medicine (drugs and medications) and Health

When the blood pressure of a person rises to abnormal levels up to a point where immediate symptoms are worrisome and life-threatening, hypertensive medication pills are necessary if not vital. When the blood sugar level of a patient raises or decreases suddenly, diabetic medication such as insulin is the most important thing in his life at that moment.

When a fever caused by some bacteria violently knocks out an individual and threatens his mere existence, antibiotics are unquestionably a must… The real point here is that nobody should ever question or deny the utility, necessity, and power of drugs and medication to stave off life-threatening situations when health related conditions of individuals are critically soaring. However, one should not be fooled: medication did, does, will, and should never equate to the state of health itself.

That being said, two extremities of the spectrum need to be considered when assessing uselessness of medication regarding health: On one hand, no matter what medication is administered to a patient, if he is in the terminal phase of an incurable disease, health shall not be restored; on the other hand, a non-ill individual abusing medication pills such as antibiotics (for instance) might likely deteriorate his health on the long run to a point where exposure to non-threatening bacteria (which initially were never a problem for his health) will get him sick. It is true for antibiotics; it is also true for Tylenol, Afrin, Prevacid, and Percocet among others...

We must breathe, eat, drink, get our nutrition that should provide our body with nutrients such as vitamins every day to stay healthy; on the contrary except under special circumstances, every day we do not need antibiotics, Tylenol, Afrin, Prevacid to stay healthy. The lesson to learn is that drugs and medication are important but they should only be used when absolutely necessary…Let us emphasize that we absolutely refuse to diabolize all drugs and medicines, in fact many people are alive today thanks to them, but many people fall sick and die every day also because of them! Yes, people can die! And that’s why we must talk about this and educate people to understand that medicines are not a substitute for healthy lifestyles, healthy diets, healthy thinking...

Follow the guidance of your unbiased healthcare practitioners who are trained to understand the science and practice the art of medicine and who use their disinterested discernment to prescribe them. Patients should strive for a state where they don’t have to have to depend on them. Let’s not forget that for most of us, our bodies inherently possess the natural capacity to sustain or restore health and when we become sick these so called “medicines” only help the body heal; by no means can they restore health on their own if you don’t address the problems at their root causes which can often be found in your nutrition, your environment, your lifestyle, your sleeping and thinking habits, your relationship with others and your attitude towards health.

So, please people, care actively for this one body and this life that you have; care about your own health by also making good and healthy choices which include not taking medications unnecessarily without the advice of your doctor. Please allow your one-of-a-kind body do what it does best or at least what it was designed to sustain: Health!

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