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  • Dr Frantz Pierre-Louis & Lloyd Pierre-Louis

Stress and Health







S for sickening, T for tiring, R for revolting, E for energy, S for sucking, and the other S for situations… A person dealing with stress is usually sick and tired of facing relentless energy-sucking situations. It has governed, is governing, and most likely will continue to govern society and dictate at different levels his law of anxiety to basically all individuals in this world.

Like nothing else, stress has this particularity to insidiously invite itself into people’s lives, and engage in a mental battle which often also takes a toll on these people’s general health (fatigue, insomnia, and even cardiovascular diseases, among others).

By definition, stress is known to trigger a fight-or-flight response from the one who experiences it. If an imminent danger arises, the stress response enables, fortunately, to gather an unusual amount of energy to fight or flight for survival. However, if this excessive amount of energy is incessantly released while there is no perspective or real imminent danger, then, reserves of energy are unfortunately depleted at the expense of health.

That being said, stress is not systematically good or bad. The same way as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the health effects of stress on a person depend somehow of his perception during the moment he experiences it. Simply stated, it is all about your attitude toward life events and not about the events themselves.

Finally, the harsh reality of things cannot be silenced: no matter who you are, where you are, what you do, no one can escape the fact that, one day or the other, life is stressful; so, it is up to you to deal with this stress with the right attitude, and find a way to turn it into your advantage health-wise in the short, mid or long term.

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