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  • Dr Frantz Pierre-Louis & Lloyd Pierre-Louis

Sports-Exercise and Health

Show me a person who is physically active, and I’ll show you someone who is likely healthier than any inactive one who swims more often than not in the slow, lazy and stagnant waters of sedentarity! Does it mean that physically active people never get health issues? Absolutely not. Is it even possible that a sedentary person could be medically healthier than an active one? Definitely yes… Because sometimes, it’s not me, nor you, nor even medical science who decides, but the almighty unpredictable Nature… And that’s just the way it is! Nevertheless, putting aside the considerations of genetics, predisposition… and Almighty Nature, of course, according to a research study published by Mayo Clinic in 2016, the findings are as follows:

‘’ regular exercise helps prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, a number of types of cancer, arthritis and falls.’’

However, this proverbial assertion never fails to apply to the reality of all things (even exercise): excess in all (too much of anything) could be hazardous. Therefore, excessive practice of exercise may even turn out hindering health actually… For instance, high-profile athletes who constantly put their body into strenuous workload and stress over and over again for many years may end up seriously injured. And since injuries (or even repetitive injuries in many cases) are not exactly the physical signs by which an individual is described as healthy, one must acknowledge that there is a limit in everything. And this boundary, this virtual line is even drawn in the regular practice of sports and exercises which undoubtedly bring health benefits when practiced moderately (relatively to the capacity of each individual) on a long-term period.

Hence, get out! Take a walk! Hit the gym! Do some individual or group sports, whatever is enjoyable and suitable for you… And, regardless of your age, gender, physical condition, circumstances, etc., never forget to willfully exercise your right to be healthy!

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